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Adventure Bike Buildup
« on: July 29, 2018, 11:17:49 am »
I've been a member of ACA for several years but never a member of the forum... I'm bad.  I've done Adventure Motorcycling on a dual sport for most of my life, traveling trails all over the U.S., Mexico and Canada.  I sold my last motorcycle a few years ago.  I got into Adventure Sailing with a West Wight Potter 19 for the last two years but realized I need a bigger boat.  So about five years ago I started thinking about doing what I loved as a teenager and adult... bike riding.  I went out and bought a Trek 7.3 but frankly there was a few things I didn't like or had problems with.  My bike before that had been a '94 Schwinn Sidewinder which I rode for about a year (everyday) while going through flight school and I loved.  I gave it to my son while he was in college and within a few weeks it was stolen.

Oh, I ended up in Bosnia in 1999 and as soon as I got there I bought a locally manufactured 21" MTB.  Frankly, it rode similarly to my Schwinn.  The adventure was riding it nearly everyday in a war torn country but I did some great rides.  In 2004 while working in Iraq and on base, the PX had a cheap "Jeep" MTB and with a few mods was ride-able (always on base) for a couple years.

Sooooooo here is what I'm doing now and a plan.  My son found a 90's 21" Schwinn Sidewinder in nearly showroom condition... for $90!  He gave it to me and I gave him my Trek.  What the plan is to build up the Schwinn for touring.  I like the feel of a heavier steel frame and think it will serve me well.  I hope to have it's maiden ride on the Cowboy Trail ( ) over Columbus Day weekend this year (2018).  Here is what I'll be doing for the buildup:

Ibera Bicycle Touring Carrier Plus Rack (the bike doesn't have frame eyelet and looking at P-clamps or seat post clamp???)
Schwinn Bike Tires with Kevlar (26 inch x 1.95 inch) Commuter/Comfort Tread
Slime Super Thick Self-Sealing Smart Tube
Kevlar Tire Liner (we have monster thorns in Nebraska)
Planet Bike Hardcore bike fenders - 26" x 60mm
Axle Release Classic Quick Release Adapter-3/8-Inch x 26T axle
Promax Seat Clamp Bolt with Quick Release
Bike Mirror  (the bike has bar ends so I'm not sure how to mount the mirror)

I have panniers and lights but need suggestions on a saddle, mounting the rear rack without eyelets and what mounted mirror works best???