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Cycling from Los Angeles to Las Vegas
« on: August 12, 2018, 06:13:01 am »
Hello all,

I have a plan to cycle from Los Angeles to Las Vegas beginning of January 2019. I've searched many route options online, and I came to the conclusion that I should ask the experts (you!).

My original plan was the one below
Day #1 - Los Angeles - Rancho Cucamonga (I saw plenty of trail road on this route)
Day #2 - Rancho Cucamonga - Barstow
Day #3 - Barstow - Baker (Yermo road is cyclable ?)
Day #4 - Baker - Cima (Through Mojave National Preserve)
Day #5 - Cima - Las Vegas
I have 1 or 2 extra days in case I was too optimistic about the distances.

Here are my questions:
- What is your opinion about this route ? Do you think there is better alternatives ?
- How are the cycling conditions within Mojave National preserve ? Especially in January ? Doable ? In 1 day ? 2 days ?

One alternative I saw was to step in Mojave National Preserve on the south, from Amboy / Keslo, do you think it's a better option ?

Finally, I saw another route which is not going through Mojave National Preserve (which could be a shame no ?), following Road66, then head up to Vegas through Road95. What do you think about this option ?

All recommendations would be for sure very helpful.

Thank you very much,

Thomas (from France)


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Re: Cycling from Los Angeles to Las Vegas
« Reply #1 on: August 12, 2018, 10:23:18 am »
A couple of thoughts about your plan.  The distance you want to travel is about 500 km if you were able to ride on some of the interstate highways.  Your route will be a bit longer and there are some pretty good climbs along the way so it may take a few more days.  January can be pretty cold in the desert.  It is also the rainy season so be prepared but it is possible you won't see any rain.  Make sure you carry plenty of water as services are far apart.
1.  Going from Rancho Cucamonga to Barstow you can follow the Bike Route 66.  Nice climb up to Victorville.  Road from Victorville to Barstow may be a little rough in spots. 

2.  Yermo road is rideable but a little rough.  It isn't well maintained since most of the traffic uses the interstate highway.  Yermo road does not go all the way to Baker.  You will have to ride on the shoulder of the interstate highway (I-15).  Gradual climb from Barstow then a nice descent into Baker.

3.  You can ride on the  shoulder if I-15 from Baker to Las Vegas with a couple of climbs.  I haven't been on the road from Baker through Cima and on to Vegas although it looks like you will have to rejoin I-15 at Mountain Pass (Nice downhill to the Nevada/California border).

4.  You could take the road from Baker north to Shoshone and then ride into Las Vegas via Pahrump.  You will be riding towards Death Valley National Park and the whole area is part of the Mojave desert so the scenery will be similar to what you would see going through Cima.  If you have time you could take a detour into the park and ride to Badwater (lowest point in US).

Bike Route 66 and then up Hwy 95 is a good alternative although parts of the road are not very well maintained and it has very few services.  Hwy 95 is a busy highway but most of it has a pretty good shoulder. 

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