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Re: Free Ranging Dogs and the Cyclist
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I carried those poppers on my trip last year. The only time I ended up using them was in an Adirondack campground with overly aggressive squirrels. Didn't scare 'em for long! The difficulty I found when testing the poppers is that they need pavement to work, anything "softer" and they don't pop.


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Re: Free Ranging Dogs and the Cyclist
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I haven't done this myself, so YMMV, but my brother recently completed a transcon carrying a small bunch of "poppers" in the side of his bar bag. Those are the little firecracker type things (also known as bang snaps) that go off when you throw them on the ground. According to him, one of those going off a few feet in front of a dog scares the hell out of the dog and it will make tracks in the opposite direction. Can't say how well they would work on those Eastern European mongrels.

Those psychotic, blood-thirsty monsters I ran into in Czech were the only two like that. I cycled France, Germany, Czech, Poland, Ukraine, Moldavia, parts of Romania and Bulgaria, Greece, Italy, and from New York City to south Florida. Only those two dogs were like that. It is just that the absolute ferocious vicious nature of their sounds and attack were like nothing I had ever seen or heard. It made a lasting impression.