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Highway 395 status


I'm planning to ride down highway 395 from Reno to Bishop next week. The Delta fire started last week and resulted in evacuations and closing the highway between Walker and Bridgeport. The last I heard is that it was opened with escorted traffic in each direction. Anyone have an idea on how this might effect my plans., or the situation on air quality?

I know that ACA has a trip, The Sierra Sampler, scheduled a few days before I leave. What are their plans?

The Delta fire closed I-5 which is a good distance away.  A check of the DOT website only indicates some closures due to construction.

My mistake. It was the Boot Fire which was in the area and closed the highway. It is now 95% contained and the road is open, although all campgrounds in the Walker River Canyon remain closed. Since I don't pass through he area for another week. It should be a clear route.


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