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FOR SALE: Ortlieb Panniers Price Reductions
« on: October 09, 2018, 03:42:27 pm »
Back Roller Classic. Pair. Rear. 40L capacity. Blue with design (maybe the only pair like this you'll ever see). Bought last year; used one weekend trip and shopping. These sell for $180 plain; $220 with a design. $109.99.

Sport Packer Plus. Pair. Designed for use front or rear. 30L capacity. Black and graphite. Used for one 30 mile trip. Look brand new. These sell for $210. $139.99.

What you see is what you get. Both pairs use Ql2 mounting system; this is the late version with half instead of full mounting circles on the back. Both sets are waterproof. Both have double pockets inside; full and small zip. All the bags have 3M reflectors front and rear.

Not be a bad idea; to use both; have advantages of each. Buy both and I'll throw in a free messenger bag. All prices plus shipping. Will include on request for each set a pair of robust plastic bags I've found useful when touring; isolate wet bathing suit, dirty clothes for example.
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