Author Topic: What is another low traffic route between Newton &Hutchinson Kansas @Transam  (Read 2480 times)

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Offline Ryld

I was wondering if anyone had tried or knew a nearly as ideal route as the set Transamerica one that goes from Newton Kansas to Hutchinson Kansas...?????????

 Google maps bicycle route directs me to go along some roads that parallel 50.

 (I am not a must stick to the path type A purest although the times I strayed before I got the bicycle navigator cell app were usually worse than the set route).
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Offline aggie

If you are headed west and going from Newton to Hutchinson I'd check with the owners of the bike store in Newton.  They can give you some good routes to take in that area.  Not crazy about Google Maps routing with a bicycle.  Been routed on dirt roads I didn't really want to travel.

Offline BikeliciousBabe

Heh. The primary route Google Maps provides (CR 568) turn to dirt for what looks like a good ways.

Offline Pat Lamb

Not particularly low traffic, but the route we took from around Rosalia was pretty low stress.  We took U.S. 54 into El Dorado, then 254 to 96 into Hutchinson.  The diversion was because it was hot as heck, and I was fried by 10:00 or so that morning; spent the afternoon in AC in El Dorado, then rode through light showers the next day.  Divided highway with low traffic during the day (between rush hours), and there were usually shoulders, although traffic was so light I felt no compunction about taking the lane.

Offline lgwramp

I went across on the 50  it was 8 am on a weekday but not much traffic and it had a good shoulder to ride on in July, in the Uk we don't have many shoulders to ride on so America is great 1 big cycle lane!