Author Topic: Amazing Transamerica Pictures And my Enlightened Terrible Verdict on the Route  (Read 6586 times)

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Offline Figaro

Hummm....I finished the TA this summer as well from Yorktown to Astoria in 56 days. I did find that there were some stretches in the west that were terrible for traffic, but overall I loved riding in the West. Kansas was spectacular for me and Wyoming--minus the crazy headwinds was terrific. I kept a pretty good daily blog and remember grumbling a couple days about the traffic, but overall it was fantastic. I don't remember the West being worse than the East traffic-wise...there were bad spots both, but overall, an A+ adventure.

Offline fastrog

Perspectives always odd. I found many of the Transam roads in Virginia and Kentucky, before a fall there, just too narrow and shoulderless, even though traffic was generally light. I would have welcomed some more traffic, if it came with a wide shoulder. I lived and rode in Oregon and Montana and felt traffic there was more bearable than the skinny roads in Virginia and Kentucky.