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Recommended route from Union Station in Washington, DC to Yorktown?


Shaun Ivory:
I am starting to plan an east-west TransAmerica solo tour, and I was wondering if anyone can help recommend a route for riding from Union Station in Washington, DC to Yorktown?

Using rwgps' default routing, I came up with this:

I looked at a few of the roads with Google street view, and they look both busy and narrow, so I am hoping there are some better alternatives.



You might like to look at the route the US Bike Route System uses:

It is similar to yours but might be a bit more thought out than a Google map search would be.

USBRS route 1 from DC south can also be found on Ride with GPS:

I think one would ride the greenway from Richmond to Williamsburg and then the Colonial Parkway over to Yorktown.

Shaun Ivory:
Thanks, DanE, this is perfect!

Shaun Ivory:
This is the route I created by merging routes 1 and 76:



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