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26" Plus-Sized SON28 Dyno Wheelset 450.00
« on: January 06, 2019, 12:18:48 pm »
The set of wheels I am selling are actually the second set of wheels I have for my 2017 Surly Troll. When I got the bike new, it was spec'ed out with a set wheels that were built up with Velocity Blunt 35 rims. BTW, I am a huge fan of Velocity rims, I also have two sets of Velocity rims for my road touring bike. I had the wheelset that I am selling built because I wanted a stronger wheel that was better suited for plus-sized tires. I also wanted a wheelset that had a dyno hub for generating power while on the road. I am only selling the wheels because I am raising money for a new bike, a Salsa Cutthroat which has 29" wheels.

I had the wheels I am selling built up professionally less than a year ago, as far as I can tell they are in excellent/like new condition and are dead true. Both wheels are 32 spoke which on a 26" rim makes for an extremely strong wheel that is ideal for bikepacking, especially with the Velocity Dually which is a bombproof rim. The dyno wheelset uses a SON28 Dyno hub, arguably the best dyno hub available. This is a tubeless setup (you can use tubes if you want) and I am including a set of WTB Ranger tires that have a lot of life left in them, see pics. This is what the wheelset cost me:

2 - Velocity Dually 32 Spoke Rims 26" 270.00

SON28 Centerlock Dyno Hub (newest version) 315.00

Shimano XT 12 x 148 Centerlock Rear Hub 70.00

DT Stainless Double Butted Spokes/Nipples 65.00

2 - WTB Ranger 3" x 26" Tough Fast Rolling Tires 140.00

Stans Rim Tape/Stems/Orange Sealant 50.00

Professional Build (Broken Spoke, Santa Fe) 100.00

Total 1,010.00

I am selling the wheelset (less cassette and rotors seen in the photos) for less than half of what I paid for them. If you ever wanted to try a dyno hub wheelset this is a great way to do it for little more than the just the cost of the SON 28 dyno hub. BTW, I also have a Sinewave Reactor USB converter available if you would like to buy it separately. I have more pictures of the wheelset if you want to see more of them.
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