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Along the South Holston River, Tennessee River to St. Louis
« on: January 25, 2019, 05:53:27 pm »
I'm a fisherman as much as a bicyclist.  I'm planning a cross country route along rivers so I can camp and fish.  I'd love to catch the spring run of white bass up the South Holston River  and fish the tailwaters of the Tennessee River Dams.  Can anyone tell what roads to avoid and what roads that will keep close to the rivers and lakes with services?
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Re: Along the South Holston River, Tennessee River to St. Louis
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A good place to start your research are the individual state bicycle coordinators for the states in which you need routing. These are through the DOTs. Many have online resources as well as printed materials. Nearly every state publishes a bicycle map of some sort that they will send out for free and the coordinators often have more information they can distribute for no charge as well. And while the maps aren't as detailed as ours, they generally offer suggested roads for cycling through their state. Here is a link to the contact information for all of the bicycle coordinators:

And here is a link that does not stay as updated, but has some additional online materials:

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Re: Along the South Holston River, Tennessee River to St. Louis
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It's a difficult thing you're asking.  Most of the mainstream dams on the Tennessee (Wilson, Wheeler, Chickamauga, Watts Bar, and Ft. Loudon) have bridges across them, so there's lots of traffic when the generators are running and the floodgates aren't open, 7-9 a.m., 3-7 p.m.: rush hour.  Guntersville (from the south) and Watts Bar might be the two easiest to access near good fishing times.

Camping could be a problem.  TVA generally doesn't allow camping at its boat ramps and public access areas.  There's a state park just upstream of Wheeler, though access to the dam would require you to go ~5 miles out of your way or cycle a linear racetrack at rush hour, then cross the narrow, two lane bridge to get to the powerhouse.  Oh, just remembered there's an RV park (and weekend fish restaurant) just south of Wheeler!  One other option might be a hotel in downtown Chattanooga, and take the bike/pedestrian path up to just below Chickamauga.

Still, if you can figure out a way, you might get lucky and get a plucky smallmouth!