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Tucson to San Antonio or Austin, TX
« on: February 03, 2019, 04:23:26 pm »
My husband and I are interested in cycling from Tucson east to Austin, TX, leaving March 8th. Considering heading south to Antelope Wells, Columbus, El Paso, then to Del Rio, and Austin, return to Tucson via train? Anyone have info regarding route(s)?, camping/lodging? support for cycling? great eats? Thanks in advance, any info appreciated! Bethany

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Re: Tucson to San Antonio or Austin, TX
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A good place to see what other people did look at There are a number of journals recounting their trips.

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Re: Tucson to San Antonio or Austin, TX
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After you get to El Paso, I would just follow ACA's Southern Tier Route.  It basically is exactly what you want. However, if you can do a detour down to Presidio then over to Big Bend that is well worth it.
As far as Tucson to El Paso goes, are you willing to do some dirt/gravel?  If so your option open up quite a bit.  You need to give a bit more information about what you want/will/won 't do, riding styles (miles per day, speed, etc.), lodging preferences (indoor/camping), etc. to get a better answer.

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Re: Tucson to San Antonio or Austin, TX
« Reply #3 on: February 24, 2019, 05:40:37 pm »
Hi Bethany,
It's been a while since I was on Adventure Cycling's website, so this reply to your inquiry is a bit late, but hopefully of some use.

I can provide information on bike routes between Tucson and Rodeo, NM, then on to El Paso.  US Bicycle Route System Route 90 connects Tucson, Sonoita, Sierra Vista, Tombstone, Bisbee, Douglas, and Rodeo.  The route and facilities along it are described in the "Route 90 Implementation" section of the "Routes" forum:

There are several alternatives to ride between Rodeo and El Paso. 
(1)  Rodeo to Lordsburg, NM, then picking up the Southern Tier route to Silver City and on to El Paso.  That involves a northerly detour, significant climbing, and likely cold weather around Silver City this time of year.

(2) Rodeo to Lordsburg (47 or 56 miles); Lordsburg to Deming (40 miles of riding the I-10 shoulder and 20 miles of paved frontage road); Deming to Columbus on NM-11 (23 miles); Columbus to El Paso (80 miles) or Santa Teresa, NM (64 miles) then El Paso on NM-9.  Many motels & restaurants in Lordsburg and Deming, a couple of motels & restaurants in Columbus.

(3) The shorter route with very few services and traffic: Rodeo to El Paso on NM-9.  Rodeo to Animas, which has a cafe (20 miles); Animas to Hachita: 30 miles (Hachita is essentially a ghost town, population about 50, Google Maps shows a gas station/food mart. water could be obtained from residents); Hachita to Columbus 32 miles, 2 motes & restaurants, an interesting Pancho Villa State Park; Columbus to Santa Teresa, motels and restaurants (64 miles) or El Paso (80) miles.

I've ridden all the roads involved in AZ and NM, except I-10 between Lordsburg and Deming.  All are good roads with little traffic.

I live in Sierra Vista.  If you have any questions, you can give me a call at 520-378-6353.

John Wettack