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Alanta - Southern Tier (start in Mobile) - El Paso - Denver
« on: February 28, 2019, 08:58:25 am »
Hi All,

I am looking for some advice.  I leave in 4 days for a cross country trip and have pulled a last minute change!! I was planning on setting off from Boston heading down the Atlantic Cost and then picking up the Trans American route and then heading up north to Denver.
After taking a look at the forcast for next week in Boston, I decided not to brave the cold here and do a southern route (what are your thoughts should I just keep with my orginal plan?)  So i booked a flight to Alanta and plan on riding south to Mobile and then heading west along the coast until El Paso and then riding north to Denver CO.  What I need some adivce on is the best routes south from Alanta to Mobile and North from El Paso to Denver. Any help would be much appreicated.  See below for further details:

What is your timeframe for riding this route? Include at least beginning and ending months. - I will take off on March 4th and need to be in CO on April 14th (6 weeks)
What kind of riding do you like? Dislike? Consider things like scenery, hills, urban settings. - I love mountians and elevation, love to climb hills and beautiful landscapes.  I am not as fond of urban settings however I like the convience of using my cell phone especially becuase I am not always the best navigator ;);).
Are you interested in taking in historic or cultural sites? Or are you on the fast track? - I am on a fast track, I like to ride fast move fast and hope to plan some off days in cool places to do a day visit.
What are your overnight preferences? Camping in campgrounds, stealth camping, hotels, Warmshowers, a combination? - I will have a tent on my bike with me for camping, but I also plan on using Warmshowers.
What is your plan for eating? Restaurants or cooking in camp? - Eating will be supermarkets and going out.  I am bringing a small stove to heat up water but that is pretty much it (coffee, otameal and soup)
How many miles a day do you intend to ride? - I intend to ride 80-120 miles a day depending on the type of terrian.  I am a very good endurace cyclist and love to race my bike as well.

Thank you all for all of your advice in advance!