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FS: 1983 TREK 720 24in/60cm
« on: March 26, 2019, 02:17:17 pm »
Now $600 $900
Oriental, NC (28571)

Ask for pics

Bike is original except for Tiagra triple front deraileur, new Panaracer 27x1 3/8 tires and all the pieces of the overhaul.(Cables, Chainwheels, etc. Original chainwheels are available.)
Avocet Touring II saddle not the Sella Anatomica shown in some pics.
The original pedals are included. I've shown the bike with tan Cinelli tape which is gorgeous, but I did not know that GrabOn was still in business and the tape used on the tour has been replaced with GrabOn grips.
The rear rack is original Blackburn custom that came with the bike.
Original saddle is back on the bike.
Not included are the lights, cages, new pedals, pump.

The wheels shown on the bike in the pics are not included. The Original overhauled wheels shown with tires and the second non-overhauled set are included.
I have a 32in inseam and the bike fits fine. Taller than current fitting trends.

This was THE bike for the then Bikecentenial trail in 1983-85. It is still a terrific bike for touring.
I toured on an '84 model. This is a bike I originally sold and it probably had no more than 1000 miles on it when I recovered it. It has been re-done all the way down to the pedal bearings. It is not perfect. You can see some scratches in the pics. The front derailleur clamp had been broken and left a small ding in the seat tube. It is covered with the replacement Tiagra triple. I have a replacement used piece I will include. The original has been repaired but needs filing and fitting if you want to use it. The bike came with wide 27x1/4 rims and tires on Maillard Speidel 700 Helicomatic 6 speed hubs. I built a second set of 27x1 on the same hubs which are included. (these have not been overhauled)

700c wheels actually fit the brakes better than the 27”

The bike did a 770 mile loaded camping tour through the mountains from Lexington, KY to the coast of NC and performed FLAWLESSLY!

Link to brochure and specs:

Seller will pack. Buyer arranges shipping.
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