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thinking about bicycling the Ligurian Coast in Italy??

My husband and I are thinking about a bicylcing tour along the Ligurian coast, Italy. It appears that one can bicycle from the France / Italian border all the way to La Spezia, which is a bit south of Cinque Terre, or just do parts of this. It appears that there are some stretches that are railway to trail converted (so no car traffic) and a few stretches that involves roads with very light traffic, but clearly there are stretches that are on much busier coastal roads. We were also going to spend some days hiking through Cinque Terre. We are going in July - I know not an ideal time - busier tourist season, but for this trip we are locked into July. Is it too busy that time of year, so maybe we just save this trip for a quieter time of the year??
My other questions: Has anyone bicycled this Ligurian coast? How busy with car traffic did you find it? Any suggestions for renting bicycles in this region of Italy?
Thanks so much for any information. Deb & Harry


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