Author Topic: Help me choose my trip : pacific coast or transamerica :) and wich part ?  (Read 11256 times)

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I personally have not ridden it but I believe Jamawani has so hopefully he will chime in. I know a lot of people like it.  Jamawani should be able to compare the two as he has ridden extensively in the Pacific NW.  In the meantime, review the journals over on  John

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Usefull info
Does the northern tier cross borders ?
As noted, you can avoid going into Canada. However, if you take Marias Pass from W. Glacier you miss Going to the Sun Road in the park, which is the most scenic (mountain-wise) part of the route. To ride GTS and still avoid Canada, you can leave the route at St. Mary, taking U.S. 89 south to Browning where you can rejoin the non-Canada option.

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The problem with ACA routes is that they try so hard to avoid big cities that it makes it hard to jump into or out of a route in the middle.

Buses are going to offer you more options that trains. You can get to Baker City, Oregon on a bus, so maybe you can still execute a modified version of your plan. You could ride from there to Silverthorne, Colorado, and take a bus into Denver from there. One-way car rentals will be available too from some of the larger towns. For example, if you want you could drive from Jackson, Wyoming to Denver, which would give you the time and ability to see some other things.

I agree with your thought to include Yellowstone National Park and Grand Teton National Park. Those are iconic symbols of the U.S.
Wich compagny would rent cars beetwwen this 2 towns ?
My last idea is to take a plane to Boise, then a bus to baker city ; ride to jackson hole and either flight from here (but american airline wil take all my money to take my bike) or rent a car to denver !
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It's probably best to reserve in advance. You often get better rates and more chance they'll give you a one-way rental if you do so. Sometimes they are less accommodating if you just show up. It looks like you have a good choice in Jackson: Avis, Enterprise, Thrifty, Budget, Alamo and Dollar are all there, and all fairly close to each other, and close to the airport. I'd call them when you get to the states, tell them when you'll be there and what kind of car you want (maybe a van or SUV if it has to hold two bikes) and ask them for a rate for a one-way rental to Salt Lake City or Denver.

If you drive to Denver, you could drive through Rocky Mountain National Park on the way. Or you might like Dinosaur National Monument or Arches National Park. Or you could drive back into Yellowstone and see anything you might have missed. Having a car would also give you the flexibility of finding a bike shop to get some bike boxes, or have them pack your bikes for you.

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I took the flights ;)
arriving at boise july 26 ; leaving at denver august 26 !!!
will take a bus from boise to baker city ; ride to jackson, rent a car to denver.

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Sounds like a fantastic trip!!

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well, so many great ideas. i'll throw a wrench in the works: there are several reasons to start the transamerica trail at the eastern terminus in yorktown, virginia. number one for you may be the relative ease of getting to the start -- east coast train service is mostly better than the rest of the country. and if you flew into washington, d.c., you've got a head start. you mention that you want light traffic. you won't get that around glacier and yellowstone, although the scenery is he best. the adventure cycling association maps will keep you out of the traffic in the east. if you want to experience real america, virginia, kentucky and as far as you might get after that, could not be more real. people are friendly and many places like fire stations and city parks welcome cyclists for camping. it will be hot, but having lived in those western states i can tell you it can be just as bad.  by august, the mosquitoes will be lighter than spring or summer. as for getting home: the transam is reasonably close to lexington and louisville, kentucky, and nashville, tenn. if you got farther west, there is springfield and st. louis, missouri for air service. there is also limited train service in those states.  bon chance.

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Thank you all ! i will open a new topic for specific questions about my trip now that it's decided. See you there maybe :)