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The Montana Department of Transportation (MDT) is undertaking a project near Lost Trail Pass this summer to extend the life of the roadway through pavement preservation. The Lost Trail Improvements project begins at the Idaho border and extends north along US 93 for 8.9 miles. Work is expected to be begin in mid-June and will be substantially complete by August. Specifically, milling should take about 9-10 days, paving will follow just after milling and take another 10-15 days. Then the roadway needs to be left for about 30 days to “set” and chip sealing will take place in August and take another 10-15 days. In addition, guard rail work will be taking place at the end of July and will take 7-10 days.
Bikers should expect single-lane closures during milling/paving activities with pilot cars and flaggers to direct traffic. Because this is a construction project, the traveling public is asked to prepare for delays of up to 15 minutes and reduced speeds of 35 mph. Members of the public can find timely detour and delay information here (look for US-93).
MDT might be able keep two traffic lanes flowing on this project for the duration, but in case of areas where the roadway is too narrow and they cannot, they will stop all traffic at the top and bottom of the pass. This is to avoid trucks being unable to stop and start making their way up the pass.
For more information on the project, visit the project website: To sign up for email updates on the project and the schedule, email To sign up for text updates, text “LostTrail” to 555-888.
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