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Bike route San Rafael to Oakhurst / Yosemite
« on: May 28, 2019, 03:38:59 pm »
Hey Guys. I am cycling the Pacific Coast later this year and looking for a route from San Rafael to Oakhurst avoiding San Francisco and/or bigger traffic. The attached pic shows a very rough route i planned without any further knowledge (i am from Germany). Road or light gravel is my prefered surface.

My Question is if this route (especially) between Stockton and Modesto is alright or if i should stick to side roads. Another option could be crossing Golden Gate Bridge and cycling via Hercules/Martinez/Pittsburg/etc. to Manteca.

Every suggestion is welcome. Thank you!

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Re: Bike route San Rafael to Oakhurst / Yosemite
« Reply #1 on: May 28, 2019, 04:33:14 pm »
Mike,  I can't give you advice on the whole of the route but I can on one section.  About 15 years ago I lived in Fairfield for one year and my son lived in Rio Vista so I traveled hwy 12 regularly.  We thought it a scary road and I would not advise riding on that Hwy 12 section - dangerous for cars let alone a bicycle.  I haven't been on that road in at least 10 years so perhaps there has been road improvments. ???

Hwy 12 from Napa to Fairfield is probably doable. Although I seem to remember some back roads that we rode on once between Fairfield and Napa that were quieter.

Hwy 12 from Rio Vista to Lodi has wide shoulders and should be ok.

If you cross the Golden Gate Bridge you will end up in The City but you can't get from SF to Hercules/Martinez/Pittsburg. The bay bridge to Oakland does not have a bike lane.  If you go from San Rafael to Vallejo (I'm not sure the safest route to do this) the bridge between Benecia and Martinez does have its own bike lane and perhaps from there you could carry on to Pittsburg.  You will need a bay area cyclist to advise.
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Re: Bike route San Rafael to Oakhurst / Yosemite
« Reply #2 on: June 05, 2019, 03:10:10 pm »
I live in this area. Your selected route is not one that I would pick. Let's take a look at the geography of the area you're planning on riding.

San Rafael is near the coast, with little mountains to the west and smaller mountains to the east. Once you get over them as you head east, you then have to cross a big big flat area, the Central Valley, to get to the foothills of the Sierra. The Central Valley is hot, flat, windy and dull. The average high in July is 35 degrees C and it can get a lot hotter.  It's not a fun place to ride in the summer, and your goal should be to minimize your time in it.

Your proposal has you riding right down the Central Valley from Stockton to Modesto. This just prolongs your time in an area you'd rather escape as soon as possible.

The Sacramento River and the American River come from the Sierra, meet in Sacramento, cross the rest of the Central Valley and end up in the San Francisco Bay. I advise as much as possible following the rivers to the Sierra Foothills (say, to Folsom) and then riding along the foothills to Oakhurst. That will be hillier, but it will be so much better.

So I suggest riding to Sacramento, either via Petaluma and then along the Highway 80 corridor, or ride to San Francisco over the Golden Gate Bridge and take a ferry to Vallejo, or ride to San Francisco over the GG Bridge and take a ferry to Jack London Square in Oakland, ride through Walnut Creek and Rio Vista. (Check Google Maps.)

From Sacramento, take the American River bike trail to Folsom, then head up to Placerville. Then head south on Highway 49. I don't love Highway 49, but it's a lot better than riding for days in the Central Valley.

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Re: Bike route San Rafael to Oakhurst / Yosemite
« Reply #3 on: June 10, 2019, 06:44:50 am »
@Nyimbo / @Krampus Snail THANKS a lot for replying and all the information!!!

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Re: Bike route San Rafael to Oakhurst / Yosemite
« Reply #4 on: June 12, 2019, 02:12:53 am »
I like KS suggestions.  (By the way I forgot about the ferries.  Even tho you can't get over all the bridges by bicycle, you can find some good options by ferry.  Don't know why I forgot because whenever I take a day ride in the City every couple years I park in Vallejo and take the Ferry to SF.)

Back to the route question, I like KS suggestions except for the hwy 49 part at the end.  I live and drive on hwy 49, and I don't cycle ride it unless I have to.  It has a decent shoulder but the traffic is heavy and it moves fast.  Most of the local cyclist do the same, only when they have no other option.

But riding from SF up to Folsom is a great ride either along frontage and back roads along the I80 corridor or up the Sacramento River on the east side of the river.
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