Author Topic: TA Sec06 #60-61-Road Construction on I-80 near Rawlins-06/05/19  (Read 1943 times)

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East of Rawlins, a 6-mile stretch of I-80 between Walcott Junction and Sinclair is under construction through Oct 2019. Traffic is reduced to 2 single, head-to-head lanes, with speeds of 65 mph. These made for nervous conditions for cyclists recently. Exercise caution along this stretch.

For info and status reports:

No easy detours exists through this area. Cyclists who can handle unpaved roads could depart the TransAm south of Walcott Junction at Riverside, and head west on SR 70 up into Medicine Bow National Forest, crossing the divide at Battle Pass, and then north on (mostly) unpaved Sage Creek Rd. into Rawlins. This detour is 78.5 miles long (compared to 58.8 mi on TA), includes steep climbing on sometimes narrow mountain highways and about 45 miles of gravel/dirt surfaces, no services except camping, and a visit to the famed Aspen Alley. Here is the route:

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