Author Topic: Route Tips/Motel Tips/Homestays north of Chico, California (Mt. Shasta/Klamath)  (Read 1580 times)

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Offline Arlene

Greetings. My plans are somewhat fluid, governed by the need to get from Klamath Falls, Oregon, to Davis, California in 8 days, so that I can attend a conference there.

Also, Redding, California, is supposed to get up to 105 degrees. Yikes! Has anyone ever pedaled with a small solar panel on their helmet? (Just joking!)

BUT I am looking for route tips. I'm fluxuating between going south of Klamath Falls on 39, turning into 139 to 299 to Redding OR heading south on 97 from Klamath Falls to Weed, etc.   I've got AC's maps for two sections of the Sierra Cascades, sections 3 & 4, and one section of the Western Express, but they take me over some steep mountains.

I'm older now (I did a variation of this route some 35-40 years ago) and also don't want to be too isolated. I'm also travelling light--no tent, sleeping bag, stove.)

I'd welcome ASAP (I leave on 6/17) whatever tips/etc. folks might provide. I belong to Warmshowers but there aren't many folks in those areas.



Offline Nyimbo

I drove on 39 and 139 last fall, and it is a fairly low traffic road, but there isn't much there as far as civilization.  If it were me I'd stay on the route to Weed.  Plenty of places to stay in Weed or Mt Shasta City. 

As you get further south you will have much better options for motels in the valley, I see you are considering riding south via Chico and so on, but riding in the Sacramento Valley is the worst of California riding - especially in the summer - who know what next week will be like but this week it is hot.  Next week may be more of the same or not???????  If you stay on the Sierra Cascades Route you will probably average 4000 feet for much of the way and even tho it may still be hot it is going to be much cooler (probably 10 degrees cooler) than down in the valley.  Places to stay will be harder to find tho.  McCloud, Burney, Greenville, Quincy, Chester, Sierraville are all nice little towns, Truckee is a nice bigger town as well as Tahoe but there are other, spots on the map that are pretty small, and I don't know what accommodations will be like without some internet searching, perhaps that is part of your problem in deciding.  I wouldn't worry about the mountains as much as the valley heat and traffic but that may not be the same for you.