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Hey everyone,

I'm selling my old xtracycle free radical conversion kit with a 98-ish Novarra Viaggio 26" Bike.  I can separate the bike if you'd like and do the xtracycle for $300. 

I've got the original black bags as well.  Been an awesome bike for 10+ years, but I don't need to move kids around anymore. 

They'll be an ad on craigslist I'll link to as well with more details.  local pickup only


I can't seem to attach pictures, so email me for some ( 

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Re: xtracycle freeradical with Novarra Viaggio (Los Angeles, CA) $550
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Here's a link to the CL ad that has pictures!   

"I'm selling my beloved xtracycle free radical kit that converts any 26" bike into a cargo bike. If you're not interested in the bike, I can separate them and sell the freeradical part for $300. This is the older style free-radical, not the "beam" style they sell now. Check out for info.

I've had the xtracycle mounted for almost a dozen years, and transported my kids to school on it for ten of those. It's rock solid and an amazing product. You can haul 60+ pounds without wobbling, it really does feel like a regular bike. It's never needed adjustment or come loose in all that time.

I'm selling it because I'm using my touring bike for most of my grocery store needs and my kids are driving themselves.

I've got the original black bags (which leave the wooden part exposed) and red bags that look a bit tidier. Always parked in my garage, but there is still some sun damage and fading to fabric and wood. I added some foot pegs and may have a little handlebar for your seat post for smaller riders.

The bike: An older REI / Novarra Viaggio steel frame, 26" tires, frame size Med (maybe 18") probably 5'4"-->6' size range. Tires are retroride cream colored style. Shifters are Shimano Nexave 3 x 9 (old but solid shifting, rear cassette is Shimano Megarange (34T), front is a touring triple with small rings (but a bit bigger than a MTB triple from that era) Front brakes are cantilever, rear are discs (seems weird but it works). Handlebars are Velo Orange.

I can assist you in transferring the xtracycle part to your bike if you'd like, any 26" bike with a rigid rear is OK. "