Author Topic: We leave in 6 days (June 28) for a 3 weeks on the GDMBR - Banff to Missoula  (Read 1583 times)

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I've done the GDMBR three times with the last being in July 2017.  I noticed the Canada section starts in Jasper now.  Is route from Jasper to Banff on the Icefields Parkway or does it stay off pavement?  I've always wondered if there was a route off the Icefields, but never could see any other options.

Also, my maps are from 2014.  Are they still accurate or has the route changed?



Offline bong_crosby

I answered my own question.  I see the route is off of the Icefields Parkway.  Any beta on the route from Jasper to Banff as far as difficulty?

Offline Iowagriz

I can't speak for the route north of Banff, but from Banff to the Border, there are a few changes.  Also a new spur from Seeley Lake to Missoula, so I'd say to buy the new maps for those 2 sections.

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In addition to the changes Iowagriz mentions, the map style has been dramatically changed. Admittedly I am a bit biased but I think the 2018 maps are a vast improvement over what we've offered in the past both visually and featurewise.

From the GD route description page:

In 2018, for the 20th anniversary of the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route, we completely redesigned the maps. They now feature shaded relief, consolidated narratives that may be cut off and carried separate from the maps, a UTM and lat/long grid, point to point mileages and the often requested south to north narratives. We also upped the scale to show greater detail aiding your navigation, especially helpful on many of the lesser known roads and trails this route showcases.

I think you'll be happy you got the latest maps.



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