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Unique cuisine, eateries
« on: April 26, 2019, 08:08:59 am »
In another thread, someone had mentioned "poutine".  I had not heard of this before last year and was able to try it in Lockport NY, on the Erie Canal.  Further down the trail, I was able to try "white hot dogs". 

In June, I'll be resuming in Green Bay WI, taking North Lake northwest to Taylors Fall, then picking up Northern Trail to Anacortes (I hope!).  I'd like recommendations on cuisine unique to a given town or region.  I'm not looking for "XYZ has the BEST steaks", nor a dish made by only one restaurant, but regional cuisine I've not likely seen in NY-NJ.   Or not-to-be missed eateries. 

I've not seen a consolidated list on this forum.  Please let me know if it already exists.

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Re: Unique cuisine, eateries
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Pasties are ubiquitous in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and hard to find elsewhere. I ate them every chance I got for the three days it took me to pass through on the Northern Tier. Thereafter, I really missed them.

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Re: Unique cuisine, eateries
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Pasti's in the UP.

Got it.