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The Neville Island Bridge is closed for construction but due to open at the end of August, 2019.

Report from a cyclist:

"As of the first week of August 2019, we were able to ride across it on a Saturday when there was no construction or workers there, however, I don't know if you can do this when work is in progress. The bridge is nearly complete but if you can't cross it, you have two options: 1. ride a nasty hill and route to Coraopolis on Route 51, or 2. wait at that corner for a PAT Bus (I forget the number but it is the only one coming). Cost is $2.85 and each bus can hold 2 bikes. If you have more than 2 or the rack is full, you are sol and have to wait for the next one or ride. Also, if you do ride the bus, to use the rack, there's a handle on top that you squeeze to lower the rack. Then place your bike in the tire holders and be sure to bring the "J" handle up over your front wheel as far towards your stem as you can and let it hold there. Be sure to put the rack back up when you get off.

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