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Little Help With Canadian Okanagan Itinerary Please
« on: July 20, 2019, 12:52:33 pm »
Hi adventure cyclist!  I'm working out a short tour in/around the Okanagan Valley.  We'd like it to include non to lightly technical dirt/off road terrain, some roads okay. We'd planned to camp, but the penciled in trip looks like we'd be better off not carrying all that gear and coughing up for some hotels/cheap rooms.  The sketchy, incomplete core of the itinerary at this point is something like:

Start Penticton, climb KVR to Chute Lake, stay at Chute Lake Resort.

From Chute Lake on the KVR through Myra Canyon Section.  Long Down hill to Kelowna.  Stay Kelowna, maybe at UBC campus hostel.

From Kelowna to Vernon on the new Okanagan Valley trail.

So now some questions if you please, and chip in with anything really:

We'd like to ride 2 more days.  Given that these sections string out in a line, does it make sense to start farther south, maybe in Osoyoos, and ride the KVR south spur, and return by public transit or hired shuttle service (does that exist?)  Not too interested in backtracking.

Should we travel south to north or north to south?  The climb up to the KVR seems less steep from the south than from the north from Kelowna.  But outside that for some reason N-S seems better ....

Should we do a lay day somewhere, take off the bags and hit up a mtb park or spend a day on a lake SUPing or the like?  If so where would you schedule the lay day?

My buddy has his gear dialed, titanium Fargo and lot of tires, nice bags etc.  I'll be riding my hardtail MTB, Scott Scale Plus, light, slack, comfortable.  I feel though that my 2.8" 27.5 "mistake eraser" tires are going to be too slow for this ride which will be a mostly lot of rail trails, some sandy and rough, some single track, a bit of pavement.  And recommendations for tires?

If we're not camping can I get away with a frame bag (my bike is XL and has a big triangle) and a bar bag or a seat bag?  I'm a light packer.  If so which is better, frame bag and seat bag, or frame bag and handlebar bag?

And lastly the background: I ride a bike to commute to work every day for 30 years, Can carefully MTB easier black trails in the Seattle parks but do not the hit big jumps or big drops or gnarly features, bike tour two weeks in Europe most summers.  Buddy is like experience/fitness level with solid bike camping experience.  All that said we aren't looking for an epic, rather get some good exercise everyday in a beautiful outdoorsy surroundings, probably cap mileage at 40 a day if there's climbing involved, eat some good food, drink some wine, take a swim, etc.

Okay, thank you in advance for some feedback, particular thanks for route and local info.