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ACA gpx on Wahoo?

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Has anyone had luck using ACAs digital routes on a wahoo? My Element loads the route, but doesn't display the map or give directions. If there's an extra step I'm missing beyond importing into and from RWGPS I'd be interested to hear about it.

How have you put the gpx on the Elemnt? By cable? Through the app? Have you tried loading the route in Komoot or RideWithGPS first and syncing the unit? Loading a gpx file directly to the app or unit will not give turn by turn directions, only a breadcrumb trail. That's why you'd use something like Komoot or RWGPS.

Where are you in relation to the route?

Finally, have you checked that the underlying maps are actually loaded on the unit? You'll see that in the app.

Route was uploaded to RWGPS then synced to the wahoo. I'm on the route, so it should show up on the wahoo. I see area roads, so I think underlying maps are fine. The RWGPS route syncs fine with a Garmin, so I assume there's something a little wierd with the wahoo ...

That's clearer.

If you have the RWGPS app on your phone, can you open it and see the route?
If you have the appropriate sub on RWGPS can you navigate the route on the app?
If you have the appropriate sub on RWGPS can you download the gpx file? If so, you could try renaming the file, importing it into the app, syncing the unit and then using the unit. (of course, if you have the original gpx file that would be better)

After that, I don't know what else to do.

Without meaning to be insulting, are you sure you have loaded the route correctly on the unit?
Maybe try loading a totally different route, starting it then reloading the one you want.

Have you ever had this problem before?

The Wahoo Elemnt does not have navigation capabilities and cannot navigate  a route.
It can only follow a track.

GPS Navigation 101:

A route is series of intermittent waypoints which mark the location of towns, services and points of interest. It contains no detailed navigation information. The device must be able to navigate its way between waypoints.

A track is a series of hundreds or even thousands of closely spaced track points depending on the length of the track. The device does not need navigation capabilities to follow a track.

The ACA files are routes, not tracks.


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