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Idaho Hot Springs-Main Route-FR 227 Slide Update-07/19
« on: July 29, 2019, 12:42:22 pm »
From Tony Mason of Fort Collins CO:
Update on Idaho Hot Springs Loop washout on FR 227 We traveled going west on FR 227 July 14, 2019. The first bypass begins 0.3 miles west of Browns campground/Smokey Bar. Hike a bike for 0.3 miles along the south river bank on rough trail cut into the willows. We had to go back and get the BOB trailer after hiking the bikes. Continue west on FR 227 for 1 mile crossing the river on the bridge. The second bypass is a 200 meter rocky hike a bike along the north river bank. We were able to keep the BOB trailer attached for this short section. The remainder of FR 227 is in good condition. I do not think the washout will impose much of a problem to cyclist traveling the route this season.

Note there are several cyclist reports describing the situation along this road. Among them are these:

Takeaway for now is that the road is passable, slow but passable, even with a BOB.