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From Sublette County Emergency Management Facebook page:

30 July 2019 at 1415 hrs

Union Pass Road Closure for Bridge Replacement Project
Pinedale, Wyo., July 30, 2019 –

The Bridger-Teton National Forest will close a short section of the Union Pass Road (FS 600) from July 31 through August 21, 2019 in order to remove and replace the current bridge over Tosi Creek, which has been determined to be deficient. The Tosi Creek bridge replacement project is located north of Pinedale. It is approximately 7 miles north of the forest boundary at the end of State Highway 352, and approximately 3.5 miles northwest of the Kendall bridge.

This closure was previously unexpected, but is necessary for public and worker safety during bridge replacement. Union Pass Road is a popular route between Dubois, Wyoming and Cora, Wyoming over Union Pass. This closure will affect through traffic along this route, and will also prevent travelers coming from the Dubois side from refueling in Cora. Contractors will make every effort to shorten the closure duration, however it is likely that all three weeks will be needed for this closure. Travelers are urged to be familiar with the location of this closure and to be prepared with plenty of fuel, water, and a map.

Please contact the Pinedale Ranger District at 307-367-4326 for updates on this project, or if you have questions regarding this project or closure.

This closure is at GD SB mile 108.2, due south of the intersection of FR 600 and FR 660, and 3.4 mi N of Kendall Guard Station. I've spoken to the Pinedale Ranger District, and the ranger there said that cyclists can pass through on the road between 7pm-7am during work off-hours. He also said that anytime, even during construction hours, riders can walk bikes down to the creek and ford on foot. The ranger stated that this was not a difficult ford. Note that there are no easy detours, as this area is sandwiched between 2 federal wilderness areas and along a big river with few bridges. If we do catch wind of a workaround, I will post it here.

Here are links to closure postings:

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Re: Great Divide Sec03-Map A-Bridge Replacement on Union Pass Rd 7/31/19
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Rode over this yesterday. There is a dirt “bridge” that you can ride over for now. I crossed after work had stopped for the day, so can’t say if they’d let you cross while they are working on it. There was a USFS person there who did talk to me about it but was cool. So YMMV I guess.