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New Bike Path in Michigan (Muskegon to Hart)


I used the iPhone map for going up the coast of Michigan last week and have a new route suggestion.  I took the Express ferry across Lake Michigan from Milwaukee to Muskegon, then stopped at a great bike shop for some rack repairs (CityHub Cyclery).  I had planned on taking the North Lakes route from Muskegon to Whitehall but then the shop owner said there was a new (new in the last few years) path that went from his shop to Whitehall and then connected directly to the Hart-Montague Bike Trail to continue north to Hart.  The new path is amazing - perfectly smooth, winds through the woods, beautifully marked and a perfect grade since it's built on an old railroad bed. It doesn't offer lake views but it does go past beautiful farms and forests.  I highly recommend taking it.  I continued north all the way to Ludington (stop and have fried fish at Bortello's Fish Market between Pentwater and Ludington), then took the SS Badger ferry across to Manitowoc, WI, then rode south along the shoreline to Kenosha, WI.  I lucked out on the weather and had a fantastic ride. So many scenic small towns along the lake and all were super bike-friendly.

We'll have to look into this more closely but it looks like an interesting option.

Thanks for the suggestion!


I came to the forums to find information about this section.  It appears the USBR diverges from the Adventure Cycling route and takes this new path.  I was sorry I didn't realize until after I had gone through the area.


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