Author Topic: Arkansas High Country/South Loop - Dardanelle-Conway road/camp closures 10/14/19  (Read 2412 times)

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Just finished doing the South Loop of the High Country Route and ran into a few closure issues related to the flooding earlier in the year.

1) The Riverview Park campsite right in Dardanelle is closed.  It looks like the campsites got pretty well destroyed in the flooding and there does not appear to have been any real work done on them since.  I wouldn't expect them to be open anytime in the near future, but you can check the Army Corp of Engineers website for updates.

We backtracked up Route 22 to Lake Dardanelle State Park the couple miles and that campsite was in great condition.  Probably the better option.

2) Leaving Dardanelle on the clockwise route, just a bit past the entrance to the Holla Bend National Wildlife Refuge on Route 155, the road is closed.  There is still a large hole in the ground, basically a trench that crosses a section of the road.  The "road closed" sign closes the road right before a farm.  We saw the farmer there and he let us know that we could turn right off the road, ride up the dirt road by his barn, turn left to follow along the treeline and this would bring us to another dirt road that would take us back to the road on the other side of the washed out section.  Just a couple tenths of a mile extra.  No major re-route necessary. 

3) After learning that the Riverview Park campsite was closed, we figured we should check on the status of the Army Corp of Engineers campsite at Toad Suck.  Turns out that is in the same situation where the flooding wiped out the campsites and they are all closed.  We ended up getting a motel in Conway (though be aware the hotels/motels are all about a 6-7 mile ride into Conway).

In theory for either campsite you could probably camp there but there are no services - no water, no bathrooms, no electricity, etc.

Otherwise everything else on the route was great.   Another wonderful route!