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Dynamo - What are you using for a light?

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If you have a dynamo setup...

What are you using for a light for touring and why?

I bought a Busch and Muller IQ-X used on ebay and it's failing right out of the gate. Feels like a faulty switch, but I did get enough performance out of it to know what to expect from it now. It's my first real headlamp of this magnitude, and I don't want to go backwards again on lighting. I am running a Shutter Precision Dynamo hub. I have a Sinewave revolution already installed, so I don't need a USB charger in the mix. So I am thinking another IQ-X or going with the Son Edelux II instead so I have something to compare it too. I also have the B&M tail light that pulsates when stopping. Regardless of the pulsating, I like how bright and big it is and let's people know I am there for sure. What I don't like about the IQ-X is there is a cache battery in the tail light that doesn't go out for the first couple of minutes that you stop. If you suddenly had to go stealth for any reason, it's not the most ideal get away vehicle metaphorically speaking. But the lights work nice when they do work for the most part.

Should I just do the Edelux instead? Seems to be the best selling headlight in that class, although I think that has to do more with them just naturally being sold with Son hubs as well and by default that is why they probably sell more naturally I am guessing.


John Nettles:
Check out Peter White Cycles excellent headlight pages.  I use a SON dynamo with a Edelux with no issues.  However, I rarely use it at night, more for day time riding in traffic and to charge my stuff.
Tailwinds, John
P.S. Like you I will be on tour for a couple of weeks beginning tomorrow in South Texas so this is my last post.

Well then God's speed to you and I hope it's wonderful for you!

Pat Lamb:
I've got a B&M IQ Premium Cyo on one bike, and a Schmidt Edelux (the original) on another.  They'll be starting their sixth and third winter commuting Real Soon Now (actually, I guess they already started...).  The Cyo replaced an older Cyo R because, well, it was brighter and newer!  After a year and a half of switching the lights on and off, I just leave them on now.  Drag is imperceptible, and it's one less thing to worry about.  I've had zero problems with any of the three headlights.

To be honest, I got them for riding brevets and commuting, which is now mostly commuting.  I'm usually in bed with the sun when touring.  They're still useful while touring to make sure a sudden shower doesn't catch me without lights for extra visibility -- as has happened when I didn't realize some batteries were going flat.

For an elegant solution that won't fall apart or leak, sell the Sinewave Revolution and get a Beacon instead.


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