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Arriving in Sacramento CA for touring as a newb... where do I go?

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I was wondering if I could get some suggestions on where to go when I arrive. I am arriving into Sacramento with no touring experience, and the plan is to spend some time on the west coast acclimating to touring/camping.

I am on a very fixed income and relying on camping a lot, minimalist approach, and would like to obviously stay safe.

I don't have a specific agenda other than indefinite touring at the moment, have a lot of experience in the saddle now, just not actually touring full time.

When I arrive in Sacramento, I am going to try and find some cheap campgrounds for the night and figure things out from there. Probably head over to San Francisco from there, and then the sky is the limit...

Any ideas on where to go? Good place to start? Places of interest I should see as a cyclist? Survival tips or advice on places to go that is affordable and worth checking out? Any advice?

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I don’t know about camping opportunities in the area, but for a nice bike ride make your way over to discovery Park in downtown Sacramento and you can head north east to Folsom and end at folsom prison on paved bike trails 30 or 40 miles along the river. It’s very pretty. if you head south west from discovery Park you can make your way on Traiil to Davis which is on the way to San Francisco. unfortunately I can’t help you with camping as it’s something as I’ve used going down to Sacramento for a day of riding and not with bicycle touring.

That's super helpful! Thank you. Have to get some Johnny Cash on iTunes going while I go check out Folsom ;)

I just need a start and will figure things out as I go. Have something to do now. Thanks!

There is a nice memorial for Johnny Cash towards end of bike trail. Good for a picture. Also unusually warm couple week in NorCal right now so you will enjoy that. Just don’t do any fires for cooking.  Big fire danger right now.


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