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Re: Aurora or Aurora Elite? and frame size question for short rider
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Froze, congratulations on buying you Marrakesh; I hope it serves your well.  You are putting lots of miles on it to get ready for your tour, right?

I didn't buy the Marrakesh, it was one I was looking at, but then I found out it needed proprietary racks and bags, so I backed down on that deal.  I ended up with Masi Giramondo 700c instead, it checked off all my boxes except tires, and seat.  I got it about 4 weeks ago, though I only put on 250 miles so far just to test it out because I have to take back to the bike shop to be pro fitted on it, they're going to do it for free!   Until I get dialed in I'm riding my Lynskey.  But what little I did ride the Masi it's extremely comfortable as far as road jarring goes. It's a bit heavy at 28 pounds with racks and tires, but for some reason, probably cost, they put on heavy Kenda Drumlin KS tires, those pigs weigh 1600 grams a piece, so I use those till I go on a longer touring ride and then replace them with Schwalbe Marathon Supremes which only weigh 500 grams a piece, that's a huge weight difference, 1100 grams per tire, that's nearly 5 pounds of weight I'll be dropping off the bike!! Plus the Supremes are the third fastest rolling tire of all the touring tires on the market; so 5 pounds coming off and less rolling resistance, should make for a marked improvement in the weight and response of the bike. 

I can't go touring yet anyways due to all the state parks are still closed, but I should be making a short one (one day out, one day back) in early June, and then a couple of moderate ones, 3 to 4 days out and back.  I can't do the across America trip till I retire which will be in 4 years, so till then all my trips will be 3 to 6 days out and back.  I get plenty of vacation time it's just that the across America trip takes something like 3 months on the Adventure Cycling trip thing.  Not sure if I want to go in a group or just go it alone, Adventure Cycling raised their prices on the self contained one by quite a bit, just wondering what the prices will be like in 4 years!  I'm still on a limb about how to go on that trip.