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Parking Silver Comet Trail and FL Coast to Coast

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I am planning my first tour and I have decided to do either the Silver Comet Trail bike path from Smyrna, GA to Anniston, AL and back, or the Florida Coast to Coast Trail bike path starting from Titusville, Fl.  The former is about 190 miles out and back and the latter is 500 miles out and back, but I would probably limit it to about 200 miles total as well.

I like both routes but am having trouble figuring out where I could park my car for the 4-5 days I would be gone and have it be reasonably secure.

I have determined I can probably stay at a local hotel in either starting town the night before leaving and would be allowed to keep my vehicle there at my own risk.  I may have to do that but would prefer something a little more secure.

I would be grateful for any info on a possible place to park for either route. 

Hello sjs,
For your Silver Comet / Chief Ladiga research on where to  s-e-c-u-r-e-l-y  park in Smyrna I would encourage you to consider posting your Q on this forum
(a forum which you may well have become aware in your to date research?) ?
I'd offer my 2 cents, however, I do not personally have 'current' knowledge and could thereby misinform you.
If you do select this trail (btw - I have traveled the Georgia portion numerous times and really, really, really like it)
be aware that on weekends the portion from Smyrna west about 8 miles can be fairly busy with walkers (including dog walkers & kid stollers), cyclists, runners, & roller bladders and then it thins out significantly and the scenery enhances dramatically as well.  In fact, the scenery in the Polk County area is just plain beautiful.
- Great touring wishes + happy new year.
P.S. If you decide to camp at "The Rock" campground, just east of Rockmart and just west of Coots Lake, you can expect to find the campgrounds owners, John & Lydia, to be fine / accomodative folks. I have camped there 2Xs over the years.

Oh my goodness what a dummy I am.  I have been reading that site and when the question of parking came to mind I immediately came to this forum to ask and completely forgot about that trail specific site.  In fact, since you brought it to my attention I found some more parking info I had not noticed before.

Thank you very much BikePacker.  I should not have needed your help but I am sure glad you gave it.  By the way, although it is my first tour I am an old retired guy and can go anytime I feel ready so it is good to know that I should avoid the weekends.  I am thinking now of timing the trip for the spring bloom (if I can determine when that is at the time).  Thanks again.


--- Quote from: sjs on December 28, 2019, 08:34:13 am ---Thank you very much BikePacker. 
I am an old retired guy

--- End quote ---
I thank you for letting me know that you found my reply helpful .... It is my privilege sjs.
I am of the same age.  We are 'advanced' (? :- ) retired guys?
I am hopeful you will update me (maybe via personal messaging?) on your upcoming fun.,
e.g., I'd love to learn more about any experiences you wish to report on the FL Coast to Coast Trail (if that is an ACA Mapped route ... then in my hardcopy ref. materials I have a map(s) of it I bought from ACA about 5, now outta date, years back.
Btw, on the Silver Comet Forum you will see my postings under the name "RegularJoe."

Thanks BikePacker,  I will let you know.  I will also check out your posts on that forum


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