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I'm looking for travel companions. Thailand-Cambodia-Vietnam 17.02.20 - 23.04.20

Hello friends, I am going to take a two-month ride in SouthEast Asia. If you are there, we can get together. You can join me just for 1 hour or even a whole week. My itinerary is

1) Thailand 17.02 - 10.03
Bangkok - Surasak (+Ko Siachang island) - Pattaya (+a few other islands probably) - Trat (+Ko Chang island) - Ban Hat lek (Border check point)

2) Cambodia 10.03 - 9.04

Cham Yam - Preah Sihanouk (+ Koh Rong island) -by train- Pnom penh -by boat or bus- Sem Reap - Pnom phen - Vietnam Border (Krong Bavet or probably Xa Mat)

3) Vietnam 9.04 - 23.04
Krong Bavet or Xa Mat border check point - Ho Chi Minh city - Nha Trang.

This itinerary is on unchanging, I am going to spend a couple of days on each island and big city (Ho Chi Minh, Siem Reap etc).

My name is Bogdan, I'm Russian, professional musician by trade and free traveller by mindset. I have big experience in bicycle travelling, all necessary equipment, I usually ride about 50 - 80 km per day, it depends on circumstances (my reccord is 205).

I have already had all documents, visas and even fly tickets on me. I'll defenately be there, I can easely correct my route to match it with yours.

Write to me for questioning in Whatsapp +7922-120-50-31 (the best option) or via mail

You can see or even subscribe to my Instagram:

Youtube channel:

My route on Google maps
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