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Re: from italy for coast to coast
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Hi, sorry for confusion, I wrote here and on another thread, about mi coast to coast plan for next may.

Thanks very much to ZZZZZ for suggestions about emergency bivvy and water bags  (I'm buying both).

Unfortunately my route close to I70 cannot change because I've not enough days. Now I've a 3180 miles route and 32 days maximum (including resting days), I want to go through Idaho Spring to climb Mount Evans, and after Idaho Springs if I go to South Utah I would have to spend too many miles and days. I'll enter on a Aca Western Express Route between Delta and Ely, before Major Palce) following the ACA route until san Francisco )I hope of course)

I checked on Google and i realized  I can follow I 70 staying outside from it, except 6 miles close Chacra, 6 miles close Palisade and 45 miles just after Green River. Everywhere I'll have a big shoulders to ride.

So I hope to go across the desert in a quick mode from Delta to Ely (145 miles with a full service inn in the middle), than a resting day in Ely, and the day after a leg from Ely to Austin (145 miles with a full service village in the middle). At last from Austin to Fallon a shorter leg 110 miles long.

Sorry for my english and please, tell me what I'm making mistakes in my plan