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VO2Max is decreasing



For the context : I am a commuter more than a cyclist but still I get to ride a decent amount I would say. I ride a bit above 400km per month. I have been commuting on a much shorter distance until January when I started a new job : from 4 km daily to 25 daily.

I do not understand how my VO2Max would decrease, given I exercise more : my Garmin vivosport measured 46 in december and now it keeps on decreasing, I am at 42 as of today. I do not understand how the Garmin bracelet measures this but I understand that a decrease is a decrease, no matter how accurate the value is in the first place.

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John Nelson:
It sounds like your VO2Max declined over just a few months. That sounds fishy, but it is well known that your VO2Max will decline as you age, primarily because your maximum heart rate keeps going down.


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