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LAX to connect with Southern Tier
« on: March 09, 2020, 12:42:12 pm »
Flying in to LAX to do Southern Tier.  I've seen the delights of San Diego and cycled from LA to SD before.  So, I'd like to head inland from LA to connect with the Southern Tier route, say at Blythe.  Anybody done that ?  Any ideas about a good routing with decent roads, traffic and as much cycle lane / trails as possible.  Also, how is it once you strike out east from humanity in to the desert areas heading towards Blythe.  Services etc ?  Any information will be useful for planning this first 250/300 miles.  Thanks.

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Re: LAX to connect with Southern Tier
« Reply #1 on: March 09, 2020, 01:24:34 pm »
The "easiest" way to start is to head north from the airport to catch ACA's Route 66.  That will take you to San Bernardino.  Once you get to San Bernardino continue east on 5th until you meet either Waterman or Tippecanoe.  Then head south to Barton.  This will take you to San Timoteo Canyon road.  This will then take you to Beaumont.  Go through Beaumont to Banning following Ramsey.  It turns into a ramp onto I-10.  You may be able to then get on an old road that parallels the I-10 after going under the freeway on the ramp.  If not then you can take I-10 until the next exit where you can connect to the old road.  You follow this for several miles until you have to take the freeway ramp.  Stay on the shoulder and it will take you on Hwy 111 which will take you into Palm Springs.   You can then follow 111 through the various towns until you are in Indio.  At Calhoun St.  head south to Ave 48.  Head east until Dillon.  Take Dillon past the casino to the I-10 on ramp.  Take I-10 to Blythe.  Not much between Indio and Blythe.  There is a gas station at Chiriaco summit.   Between LAX and Indio you are basically in an urban environment so  there are lots of services if not so many places to camp.   Be prepared for mostly city riding until Indio.

Good luck.

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Re: LAX to connect with Southern Tier
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Hey, Aggie - I'll check it out.  Thanks for some local knowledge.