Author Topic: Complete set of Atlantic Coast Route maps + Florida Connector for $20 (SOLD)  (Read 313 times)

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[EDIT: These maps are sold!]

Hi all,

I'm selling a lightly used set of Atlantic Coast Route maps for $20 plus USPS shipping. I'm happy to toss the Florida Connector in for free as well.

I purchased these in January 2019 and used them for a three month tour from Orlando -> Key West -> Bar Harbor later that spring. Section 5 of the Atlantic Coast Route is the only map that's been updated since I bought them (mine dates to May 2015, the newest dates to June 2019): the eight other maps date either to 2015 or 2017, so if you bought them fresh from ACA, as of this posting you'd be getting the exact same maps.

I took good care of them while riding, having stored them either in a waterproof pannier or in a really useful map storage doodad sold on ACA's website. (Highly recommended, btw!)

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Your maps sound great.  I would be happy to take them off your hands, and give them a good home.  I live in Vermont, if that helps with figuring the shipping.