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Congrats on finishing grad school!  One other tip for you.  When you get to Galena summit take the old toll road.  We took it last year and thought it was way better then riding on the pavement over Galena.  Nice single track like route through the trees to the head waters of the big wood river.  We had read that it was bad and rocky, but we didn't think so.

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Hi all,

Three friends and I plan to set out on July 2, and we were wondering if anyone has updated information on road closures and/or tips on reroute options. Jeremy, how did your trip go? Where did you need (or opt) to deviate from the official route? We’ll also be riding CCW.

Very grateful for any input!

Thanks in advance,


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Hi Rebecca,

We were able to get through the washout! You'll have to go later in the day (after 7pm) to avoid the work crew. We went at 6pm and were caught, but the individual told us how to bushwhack around the work zone. You'll likely have to do the same. There will be a series of muddy trails to the right of the new road construction. They go on longer than you'd think, but will take you right to there outskirts of Smokey Bar! Let me know if you have any other questions and I'll do my best to answer them.

Also, don't let Steel Pass intimidate you too much. It'll be the first pass you encounter, and it's a big one! All others have been more reasonable.


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I have not been over that way in a few weeks, so I do not have an update about the closure or when the construction might be finished.  I will reach out to some of my contacts in the area to see if there is a change in status.  Your message indicates a little confusion.  As far as I know there is only one closure on that leg of the route.   That closure is west of Warswick HS.  So the two closures you mention, I think are one and the same.  Sunday I rode part of the official re-route, up Camp Creek, over Richardson Summit and into Hailey.  And the owner of our local bike shop rode a big part of the original route over Dollarhide Summit, combined with riding over Wells summit, which is part of the alternate route that I suggested in a previous post.  Both of those routes were in good shape.  It has not gotten to hot yet this year.  There was still water in the Camp Creek drainage.  On the Camp Creek, Richardson Summit, Hailey route the cows and sheep have been turned out to pasture on public land.  That means on that more southern route you will have to deal with cow and sheep poo, in the water and on the road.  :-(
Let me see if I can find out any more on the closure in the next few days.  If I hear anything I will let you know.  BTW it's a fun route, I hope you have a good ride!!

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Alright!!  you made it through the dreaded closure.  It's funny, we didn't think that Steel mountain was all that bad.  Of course by the time we got there we had been on the road for 10 days or so.  I think it seems big  because most people start in Boise and it is the first climb they encounter.  I hope you had an enjoyable experience.


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As of last week the downstream section seemed to be complete, and they were starting to work on the upper section. They seem to still be trying to keep cyclists out, but we made it through just fine by waiting until construction was done for the day, and using the old pre-rebuild route, not the new roads they are building.

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We're starting a CC loop of the bottom portion of the route (using the Lowman Cuttoff) from Ketchum this weekend.  I was reading a blog ( about this route.  Brian mentions using Skeleton Creek Trail (Trail #024) up to Little Skeleton Creek Trail to forest service road 014 to 011 that has bridge over the South Fork then over Fleck Summit down to Smoky Bar.   When I look at this on Google Maps and on topo maps, this appears to be a very rideable route.

Any locals have info on the Skeleton Creek (024) and Little Skeleton Creek trails?  Rideable?  Too exposed? It's difficult to tell from Google Earth, but they look good.  And it looks like a good, short bypass of the construction site.  Thanks for any insights.

Poi Dog

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July 1st, 2020 update from the Forest Service.  Explicitly mentions bicycles not be permitted and calls out that they are irked that some have gone through.  Also, mentions weekday closures near Worswick Hot Springs.

Hopefully the Skeleton Creek route will work out even though that update mentions that road 012 will also be closed for construction with limited times to get by (and the Skeleton Creek trail bypass I have uses that road to return to 227. 

It's gonna make for an adventure.

Poi Dog