Author Topic: ID Hot Springs Main Map - Road closure due to construction. May 18 - early Sept.  (Read 1998 times)

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Any local or recent riders know if the construction crews are there over the weekends?

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The construction is still happening. I spoke to the USFS project manager and he says it will be done in early September.

The contractors are hauling rock from along FR 227 west of Worswick Hotsprings to the Bowns Project Area. Full daytime closures on the FR 227  between Five Points (intersection of FR 094 and FR 227) through the “narrows” to Worswick Hotsprings will occur at that time on weekdays only.

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Offline joebrod

Thank you for the update. I've been delaying my trip with the hope that they would be done in August as scheduled but it doesn't look that way.  Thank you for the map too!