Author Topic: Recomendations for replacement for Delorme PN series and Topo software  (Read 7208 times)

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Offline jcostanz

I have been using Delorme PN series GPS units for years and now mine are locking up and not working.
With Garmin's purchase of Delorme years ago, the devices are not in production.
I have been using the TOPO program that came with the units for route planning for multi day rides.
As the software is several years old, It has stopped working on most of my computers.
The features on the software I use are the ability to add roads(ie c&o and Gap trail) for routing and also  roads that either are broken or incorrectly listed as not usable for cyclists (Lewiston-Queenston Bridge (Google Maps still doesn't route on this bridge)).  And the ability to estimate end of day distances from last end of day.  This allows me to find an area to search for accommodations near the distance, then shows an icon at the next distance after making a stopping point.
Does anyone have any recommendations for a replacement for the Delorme TOPO program?
I have tried Google maps, but I haven't found how to do an estimated end of day stops, and transferring to a gps unit doesn't seem possible.

Also a replacement for the PN series gps units.
I do prefer replaceable batteries to rechargeable as recharging during the day or every night can be problematical while multi day touring.


Offline edmilkman

Hey j,

I still use my old DeLorme handheld occasionally on day hikes and my Topo program still works the last I checked, but phone apps use far less battery than my old PN-30 or 40 or whatever it is - the orange one.  And using a phone means one less gadget to carry and charge. I do use a cheap but still plenty "smart" Galaxy J7V which has benefit of a replaceable battery and good battery life if you refrain from using FB messenger, so I do a long tour carrying 3 or 4 batteries that will last me 3 days at least.

That being said, I can't really offer lots of advice because I mostly use ridewithGPS app as a freebie.  You have to pay $8/ month to be able to download routes to your phone which I find ways of not needing so far. Mostly by getting supported rides to give riders their routes to us that they pay RWGPS to use. And for independent tours, I have just gone with Google maps bicycle option many times. Or else let my riding partner do the planning and I just takes daily notes if I'm not following in sight.