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Hi. I am just beginning the planning for a Transcon Bike Trip. I have chosen the Southern Tier (San Diego to St. Augustine) for multiple reasons; one of which is that I plan to do it in one take, with my wife driving a van as a sag wagon. I purchased the map app for my iPhone and will somehow want to get it to show on my Garmin Edge 830.

I'm very curious about how to plan overnight stops, and how to plan for 60 to 100 miles per day. My wife will be driving a "support" vehicle and we will stay in hotels along the way.

For discussion purposes, here's my bio:  I'm now 61, living in Kansas City. It will likely be two years (spring of 2022) before I make the trip. In the 1980s & 1990s I was a competitive, amateur road cyclist in Colorado. I've never done any long distance touring. But, back in the day, I regularly rode 400 miles per week for race training. I recently bought a 2020 Trek Domane, and plan to use that bike or something like it for the trip (no packs or paniers). Currently, I am very comfortable on 45-50 mile rides at an average of 16 MPH.

Is there anybody out there who has done transcontinental bike trips in a similar way (no packs, with vehicle support)?

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I rode from San Diego to Pensacola, but I was camping with very light gear (14# base gear weight).  I modified the route a good bit as I went, but generally followed the ACA ST route.  I started in mid February and found that a good time to go since it was cool and the days were longer than a late fall early winter time with similar temps.  I did have overnight frost a number of times and one really hard freeze and there was a little snow by the roadside on the top of the passes a couple times, but daytime temperatures always got up into at least the 50s.  I found that much nicer than dealing with the heat.

If you like warmer weather you could go a just little later (spring is the dry season in here in Tallahassee so that isn't the worry that you might think).  If you go too early or too late the heat would be brutal IMO.  Summer would be terrible and I personally wouldn't even consider it.  I got caught in some exceptionally early heat in the desert SW before on a Spring tour and it is hard to describe just how miserable 110+F heat can be.

The spacing of potential lodging will often dictate your daily mileage and you won't have much choice in the matter most days.  Just look at what is available a few days ahead on the ACA maps and call ahead to be sure that places are open.  I didn't pay much attention to where there were rooms available since I was camping, but I suspect you may have some long days.  There were some long days between water stops, so motels may have been farther.  People have done the ST staying in rooms without sag though so it can be done.  I have no idea if the pandemic has taken a toll and shut down any businesses though.  A lot of small businesses tend to be barely hanging on any way.

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Re: Transcontinental, Southern Tier with hotels & sag wagon - QUESTIONS
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In 2017 I rode across the US mostly on the TA self supported. In 2019 I rode from Boise, ID to Dawson Creek, BC self supported and from there to Delta Junction, AK supported with a SAG vehicle as a group tour. It is a lot easier ride without the gear on the bike. I usually stay in hotels. Especially in hot temps. Having the vehicle with you gives you options for where to stay, where to eat, sightseeing on rest days, etc. You may recall mountains take some discipline. It get tired (bored) of just going up continuously. Not physically, mentally. You mentioned what you did "back in the day" please remember this isn't then and you are a couple decades older. I learned that the hard way.