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Re: Flats while touring
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Worst case is I can buy it for you and ship it to you.  If you need assistance, just private message me.  John

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Re: Flats while touring
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If need be I will do that John - thanks a gezillion for the offer.

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Re: Flats while touring
« Reply #62 on: June 01, 2020, 05:12:57 am »
First question: On average, how many flats do you get while on a single tour?
During the winter Marathon Plus; none so far. During the summer more supple tires, about once in a 3000km/2000miles

Second question:  How many tubes do you carry with you if you are using tubed tires and not tubeless?

Third question:  How many spare tires do you carry?

Usually one narrow lightweight tire and tube combination that I can replace a flat with during a ride. I never replace only the tube for it can result in another flat if the sharp leftovers are not removed, which can be hard to spot. Replacing tube+tire costs almost same time as only the tube :)

Fourth question:  Do you patch your flats or replace the tube or both?
When I have time and the weather is good I patch my tube at the side of the road. Else I replace everything as described above. When at home I fix the original tube and check the tire for sharp particles.

Fifth question:  Do you do anything to the tire to beef up the flat protection built into the tire like use flat liners, and or a thorn resistant tube, and or sealants?  Again only tube type tires not tubeless.
Marathon Plus during the winter, then I don't want to run flat on rides to work etc. The new versions run quite OK (the old versions were very slow). I used to use flat liners with mixed experience and tried sealants that didn't work so well for me. It seems they don't work in cold temperatures during the winter.

I use Schwalbe Marathon tires, inside of that I use a Panaracer FlatAway Kevlar liner, and a regular tube with no sealant.  I then carry 1 spare tube, 1 spare tire, and a dozen patches and a tire boot patch.
Sounds good. Besides I think the extra liner is redundant, the Schwalbe Marathon is already quite much flat-resistant. Myself I use much more flat-prone tires during summer touring in Europe. And I don't find fixing a flat once in a while is a big problem, but that is personal of course
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