Author Topic: Panniers from Bike Nashbar? Look twice.  (Read 4381 times)

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Panniers from Bike Nashbar? Look twice.
« on: October 25, 2021, 02:16:14 am »
One practical feature of a good tent is the rain flap sewn over the zipper on the fly. When the water flows downward it goes over the rain flap, and continues down the fabric, onto the ground. What would you think if you ordered a tent online? It arrives.You open the box. You take the tent outside. You set it up. Then you notice something. The rain flap is sewn under the zipper, not above it, and goes upward not downward. So, when it rains the flap will catch the water, directing it into the zipper and drip water inside.

I did not get a tent designed that way, but I did get a set of rear panniers with that design flaw. I got them online from Bike Nashbar. The panniers come with a fold over top flap that covers the top inside of the panniers. There is a small storage pocket in each main top cover flap. The rain flap barriers for both zippers of both storage pockets are sewn under the zippers which conducts water straight into the pockets. I have seen many panniers, and this is a first.

The panniers are black. I inspected photos of these panniers before purchasing. The photos obscured the flaw in the design. I mean, you could look right at it and not see it. I made pannier covers out of plastic bags and gorilla tape.

In the past I bought tents online, and received defective products. The panniers are still useful at least. The tents from Campmor were so defective they were useless.

Has anybody had experiences similar to this? I paid $80.00 for a tent from Campmor. When it arrived one whole corner was torn out completely. I returned it and traded for a Slumberjack bivy tent from Campmor. The design was flawed. The fiberglass pole at the foot of the tent had to be bent way too much to fit. The larger pole at the head of the tent kept breaking off into a fine powder like dry sawdust. Defective in design and in quality. The fabric of this bivy was okay, but it could not be used.

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Re: Panniers from Bike Nashbar? Look twice.
« Reply #1 on: October 25, 2021, 06:08:37 am »
I used to buy from Campmor, until I realized almost everything I bought from them was some sort of factory second, even if not advertized. I finally stopped when I bought two pair of Nike shorts that I use to sleep in. They were backups and went into my bottom draw for later use. When I pulled them out a year later I found both pair were marked the correct size, and the same model that I already owned, but were cut in a weird way and very uncomfortable. Flaws were "workable" in other products, but now, with the days of internet ordering and easy (typically free) returns, I steer clear of Campmor.
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