Author Topic: Southern Tier Sec. 6, maps 81-82. Bridge out 5 miles east of Norwood. Oct. 2020  (Read 2216 times)

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There are two options.  If going eastbound, back up 1/2 mile, go north on Jack Jones Road, then Perkins Road, then South on Ash which turns into Ed Freeman road.  It will connect you back to SH 422.  It is about 5 miles and ALL Gravel.  It is mostly hard packed and I was able to do it on my 700x25 tires, but not fun at 7-8 MPH.  Google maps worked quite well as a guide.  Alternate route would be go through Clinton and then North on SH67 but I do not know the road conditions. If going westbound, I would simply go S on SH67 to Clinton.  BTW, bribing the Construction team with $30 for passage did not work.
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