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Bike rentals near Death Valley


Maggie Rae:
Hey all - I'm a Minnesotan heading to Death Valley and staying near Furnace Creek in February 2020. Anyone know of a place to rent a couple mountain bikes? Flying so not planning to bring my own. THANKS!

The closest town/city that might have rentals is Las Vegas.  I don't know which ones offer rentals but you can call to see who rents.

Maggie Rae:
Yes, looked at Las Vegas as option. Thanks much.

Looking at park info it does not appear there are many mountain bike trails....just hiking. Anyone have experience to share about the trails? Maybe better off to go road biking?

There are some dirt roads in Death Valley you can ride with a mountain bike.  You may want to drive to a parking area near the dirt roads since most are a pretty good distance from hotel/camping.  Most national parks require you stay on designated roads and hiking trails are off limits to bikes.  I've ridden a road bike in Death Valley several times and it was very enjoyable.  Not a lot of traffic and generally the roads were in pretty good condition.  There isn't much of a shoulder but again the traffic is pretty light.   Check the weather before you go.  It can be very cold and windy during the winter/spring.  You will definitely need to carry plenty of water.  As I recall there aren't many places to get water.


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