Author Topic: Max speed unavoidable critter crashes?  (Read 4504 times)

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Re: Max speed unavoidable critter crashes?
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That is right about highway 90. Many years later I cycled that roadway again. The free-ranging dog problem had almost completely disappeared. As a matter of fact I think there was not the first problem with them at all. But in the winter of 1984 they were a constant and continuous problem all the way.

If I remember correctly, that woman was killed by dogs on or near a reservation. I am not saying there is absolutely no reason whatsoever for any caution or concern. I think there is a very high statistical probability that the aggressive house dogs will not harm anyone. Can it happen? It damn sure could happen.

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Re: Max speed unavoidable critter crashes?
« Reply #16 on: November 30, 2020, 02:40:54 am »
If somebody wanted to get experience dealing with critters in 1984, he could bicycle the length of highway 90 in north Florida. That is what I did. Free ranging dogs were all over the place everywhere. They were seen dead along the roadsides. I did not drive into any.

I don't think there are all that many there these days at least that is my impression of the portion I have ridden (I live just off of US 90 in Tallahassee these days).

Missouri and Kentucky had a lot of chasing dogs in my experience.  Also I am old enough to have lived in a time when I had dogs chase pretty much every rural ride in Maryland.  Most just loved the chase, only a few out for blood.

Only once did I actually fear for my life and that was from a trio of blood thirsty curs in the central valley of California.  Actually I think only one of the three was truly blood thirsty or I might not be here today.  The others were his willing accomplices, but were less in for blood.  They caught me on a steep enough uphill that I had zero chance to out run them so I dismounted.  I managed to intimidate the two more hesitant ones enough to keep them back a bit while keeping the bike between myself and the badass.  I was prepared to bash him with the bikes chainrings if necessary.

In the SW some of the reservation dogs seemed half feral and like maybe they could be aggressive, but were mostly too lazy to bother.

If you had encountered on that hill the two dogs I met in Czech in 1994, I guarantee you beyond any possible question or doubt you would have been viciously slaughtered right there immediately, and probably devoured. They were psychotic, ferocious, maniacal. There are simply no words in the dictionary to convey the meaning. I had never seen anything even remotely like it before then. I have not seen anything even remotely like it since then, not in real life, not on television, not even in horror movies using special effects to exaggerate. I say about that point in my life--Thank God for the chain link fence.