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I am in the process of planning my route for the Southern Tier. I have downloaded the ACA gpx files. The one area that has me nervous is going through El Paso and also riding on the highway south of EP. Has anyone taken a route that avoids this area? Or does any other route include a much greater elevation change? I will be going east to west, if that matters.

John Nettles:
First, welcome to the ACA Forums.

What makes you nervous?  If it is traffic, you will have worse elsewhere due to high population density.  Plus a lot of the highway has either a full-shoulder or a bike lane. 

Have you read the journals over on or  There should be plenty to read. Just don't participate in CrazyGuy's forums as the owner is extremely moody and the site has unfortunately evolved into way too many political rants that have very little if anything about bicycle touring.

Tailwinds, John


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