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Canada / U.S. Border
« on: July 27, 2021, 10:44:11 am »
Many of us were hoping that the Canada / U.S. border would reopen on August 9th.
Although Canada announced it would reopen the border on August 9th,
the U.S. just announced that its border would remained closed until at least Aug. 21st.

Canada will only allow in U.S. citizens/nationals with proof of immunization.
The U.S. still only permits American citizens/nationals already overseas to enter.
So, it appears that vaccinated Americans may be able to travel to Canada and get back
- after Aug. 9th - but there may be restrictions or quarantine, esp. with the Delta variant.
There is also the risk that Canada will not open its border if the U.S. does not reciprocate.

I wouldn't make any plans to bike cross-border in August.
There are still too many variables.

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