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Thank you Galloper! All bikes you mentioned are quality bikes for bikepacking and well known in the bikepacking world. You have given me much to ponder as i pick my new partner on the road and beyond. My wife is a big backpacker having done the PCT and CT and multiple other long trips. She has helped me shed weight off my panniers. The one thing i did not think about was that some bikes have to have the battery attached to the bike in order to charge. Prior to contracting Covid i had been doing research on different drive systems, frame materials and so forth as i am fascinated by the evolution of the bicycle over the past 30 years. Pretty soon, bicycles will come around full circle and become moto cross bikes:). I have seen some dirt bikes cheaper than bicycles!  Again, thanks for your post.

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First, best wishes on your continued recovery. Getting back in the saddle will be a great way to strengthen yourself. My wife and I have toured over 1,000 miles since August last year (2020) from Boston to Buffalo and over 200 miles in Florida. She had her Rivendell Betty Foy converted to an e-assist motor on the front crankset (1 ring only) and no changes to the back cassette. The battery is 36v/21ah Bafang HL down tube type battery. She has ridden 60 miles and still had 10+% left in the battery (this was a flat ride, hills will drain it more but still gave her 50 -60 miles even through the New England hills). We plan to complete a cross country ride this summer from Buffalo NY to Astoria. Charging at a lunch stop even for 30-60 mins adds capacity and overnight has not been a problem either. We are in our 60s, so we'll focus on campgrounds with electricity or hotels/B&Bs or warm showers.

We looked at buying her a new e-bike, but our local shop recommended this conversion of her Rivendell since she loves this bike and did not want to leave it. We realize it may be heresy to convert a lugged steele frame of this quality to an e-assist - but hey, it's her ride.

This has worked better than we could have hoped. DM me if you'd like more information. I would at least recommend researching conversion of your existing bicycle to an e-assist.

Best, SY
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